Why Air? 3 Reasons to choose Air Power over Battery.

Using the right tool for the job is essential to any work environment. The very element that makes life possible, also has tremendous power & flexibility when used in power tools. Air power enables you to get the any job done quickly and effectively. We’ve put together a quick list of 5 reasons as to why air power might be the best choice for your next tool compared to battery.

1. Life Expectancy

Power Tools take a lot of abuse. And professionals are expecting that their equipment be able to perform in a wide range of demanding environments. Since power tools must hold up to more frequent wear and tear, the pneumatic system has proven to take repeated abuses without losing performance.

2. Cost

Tools pay for themselves with the work they do for you—but you have to look at the price tag, too. When evaluating cost, you’re balancing considerations like convenience and service life against the dollar amount on the price tag. And when comparing air tools with electric, pneumatic holds several advantages.

  • The tools themselves tend to be less expensive than their electric counterparts
  • Simplicity: Pneumatics, by design have MUCH fewer moving parts. Fewer parts means much less to go wrong.
  • Rebuildable: Most pneumatics stock replacement parts. Should something actually go wrong, you’ll be able to replace it in a snap for cheap.
  • You’ll still see 30 year old pneumatic tools in service today. Try that with a battery operated device.

3. Simplicity & Reliability

An air impact wrench is simple in engineering design and hence they are relatively inexpensive. Since there are no electronic or electric parts, the chances of a malfunction are very rare. But the biggest advantage is that unlike its counterpart the air impact wrench won’t get heated. Any heat generated by the rotating elements inside the impact gun is cooled by the circulating compressed air. This makes the air impact wrench ideal for assembly lines since it can be used for long working hours continuously without worrying about overheating.




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